About Us...

Conway Greene is a publishing services consulting company and law publishing house in its second decade of operation. The founders of the company were officers of the Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing Company (prior to its purchase by West Publishing, Eagan, MN), which specialized in state law primary source publishing. In particular, Banks-Baldwin produced the Ohio Revised Code and Kentucky Statutes, Ohio Administrative Code and Register, the Indiana Statutes and Administrative Code as well as the Ohio Building Code. We are experienced in analyzing, publishing, and distributing all forms of legislative and administrative law primary source materials.
From the beginning, Conway Greene has worked with state governments on primary law projects including the states of:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio

In addition to our work with state governments, Conway Greene has created and delivered electronic publishing systems for Harmonie Park Press, a distinguished reference publisher, the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, located in Westminster, CO, Shepard’s McGraw-Hill, located in Colorado Springs, CO, Bradford Publishing in Denver, CO and the Colorado Bar Association, located in Denver, CO
Conway Greene has expertise in converting data from paper documents, word processing programs, desktop publishing systems, ASCII, and proprietary mainframe systems.
Our future plans include expanding the states with which we work as well as creating a national CD-ROM and on-line Building Code database to service the library and professional marketplace.

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