Colorado Rulemaking System

Public access features

  • Select rule by alphabetical department/agency list
  • Select rule by numerical department/agency list
  • Search for rule by rule number
  • Search text by keyword, phrase, Boolean
  • Navigate within rule with hierarchical tree
  • View rule history
  • View multiple versions of rule, historical and future pending
  • View Colorado Register online
  • View events sorted by date or by department
  • View proposed rules and Attorney General opinions

Agency access features
  • Agency login
  • Download agency rule(s) in RTF, select version
  • Download MS Word template for enforcing structure and style of amendments and new rules
  • File notice of hearing
  • File request for Attorney General opinion
  • Upload requested changes in RTF
  • Initiate final filing of rulemaking
  • Amendments automatically converted from RTF, versioned, and inserted into database
  • Rule dates enforced (hearing date, adopted date, effective date)
  • Emergency rule filing
  • Rule corrections

Attorney General access features
  • Attorney General login
  • View proposed changes
  • Create and file opinion online using template